Online learning

So, here we are at Offchurch (near Leamington Spa). By ‘We’ I mean my colleagues from around the United Reformed Church who are members of the Youth and Children’s Work team.

We meet three times a year – to look at business, undertake in-service training and try and get creative to produce a resource.

My colleague in the Synod of Scotland ( is leading a session for us on ‘technology for communication’; I’m not sure that’s the title for the session – but it’s what he’s doing. At the moment, we’re looking at Blogging. I already have a blog (inspired by Stewart’s) so I thought I’d just write a few things whilst .

One of the issues we’ve been discussing at the team meeting is ‘e-learning’. Given the geographical breadth of the areas we cover as a team offering folk in local churches the opportunity to learn online – maybe meeting for a day at the beginning and then completing the rest of the course online with us acting as virtual tutors would seem to be a good move.

But is it? are we in danger of making training too sterile? One of the advantages of face to face training is the swapping of ideas and the encouragement of a support network – the gossip factor, if you like. Does e-learning stop this?

do people have experineces of e-learning (positive or negative) that they would be willing to share?

One Response to Online learning

  1. bclc says:

    I don’t particularly have an experience of e-learning, positive or negative, but I do have a number very positive experiences learning.
    Along with the benefits you mention the very fact of being somewhere where you are focussing on your job/vocation/ministry/interest without the pressures of actually having to do your job/vocation/ministry/interest for a period of time is invaluable. If you were at home you just wouldn’t have that detached involvement.
    So it’s a no from Leo, I’m out.

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