Imagine a future …

Imagine a future in which many of the Roman Catholics in the world decide that they want to show how annoyed they are with the Pope (and, let’s face it, there’s much to be disappointed with).

How do they register their dissatisfaction? Well, in my future scenario, they all leave the Catholic Church and convert to Islam.  “Hold on a minute,” I hear you say, “That would never happen .. surely they would join a denomination that holds many of the same principles of Catholicism but is different enough to be, well, different?”  Maybe the United Reformed Church or one of the other nonconformist denominations, perhaps … but no, they all convert to Islam.

Too far fetched, d’you reckon? Apparently not. When the people of this green and septic, I mean, sceptered, Isle wished to show their displeasure with the current government they didn’t change their allegiance to a party that holds some of the same basic principles as the incumbent government, no, they went to the party that was diametrically opposite!

I mean, it’s not as if the Conservative Party haven’t made a mess of things before, is it? Isn’t their record one of the primary reasons that the Labour Party got elected in ’97?

So, we are stuck, it would seem, with 2 party politics. Maybe, in my future world, people will start to see sense and electoral reform which gives us a government more representative of the will of the people will become a reality. I hope it will …. God willing.

or, as my erstwhile Catholic friends will say : Insh’Allah

One Response to Imagine a future …

  1. Stewart says:

    Good point well made!

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