It’s grim up North…





I never learn, honestly, I never do … the agreed plan was that we would wake the kids at 05:45, do that they could shower and have breakfast before leaving for Galilee at 7. Well, the kids were all up but we still didn’t manage to set off til 7:45. Best laid plans and all that!

One benefit of being away from Maison d’Abraham is that I don’t have to see the floor. Honestly, it’s like an Escher print and makes me quite dizzy.

But we get to Haifa eventually to visit Elijah’s cave at Stella Maris before reading off to Tiberias and Lake Galilee to visit numerous churches and have a trip on the lake. Then it was back home via Nazareth.

It was a long, hot day. But good to be out and, because we didn’t get back til 9pm the kitchens were shut – so we had to get a pizza 🙂


One Response to It’s grim up North…

  1. johanna m roberts says:

    I stayed at the Youth Hostel in Haifa. Missed the bus stop and had to traipse back along road quite a way so arrived after the kitchens were shut. A very kind man made me boiled eggs with bread and then chatted for hours about the country, its past, present and its future as he saw it – one of the best meals I’ve ever had. Hurrah for shut kitchens (but not too often, obviously!)

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