Wasteful walks

July 30, 2010


Last year, John Brown and I walked up the Mount of Temptations with the Palestinian young people only to be denied entry by a bolshy orthodox priest who wouldn’t let us in because some of us were Roman Catholics, protestants or, worst of all, Episcopalians

I was not happy to see that the walk was on the programme again… and argued against us doing it.

But Alex Hawwad (one of the Palestinian young people) had a cunning plan… whilst in Bethlehem he visited the local orthodox church, he attends an orthodox church in Jerusalem, and bought a great big flag 🙂 So, we walked up the Mount behind this flag and, Lo and behold, we were granted entry. As it turned out, the flag wasn’t needed – it was a different priest who could not have been more kind and generous, but top marks to Alex for using his initiative in trying to ensure that the walk (more of a climb really!) wasn’t wasteful.

I didn’t take any photos from the top – I get dizzy! But, trust me, it’s quite a height and, in 39 degree midday sun, there’s quite a sense of achievement when the summit finally levels out.