And now, the end is near…

Not eschatologically speaking of course or, rather, I hope!

It’s the last day of the camp. Breakfast has been had – and there are one or two young people who are feeling the effects of dancing into the early hours.

Moving from here requires 3 coaches… one for the German group who are continuing their visit with a few days in Galilee. One for the West Bankers to get them to Bethlehem bus station so that they can catch local transport to Ramallah, Zebabdeh and other West Bank villages and one bound for Jerusalem for those few folk with a Jerusalem ID – and me!

It’s been a good camp, although it has suffered from falling between 2 stools: training and cross-cultural encounter but, nonetheless, the young people will return to wherever they are from knowing a bit more about life in another part if the world, and with friends there.

For me there are meetings to finalise plans for the September FURY visit and to look at what Youth4Hope might try to develop over thd next 12 months….


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