Chicken Piquante

August 3, 2010

The flight home was a relative doddle – apart from checking in!
My pre-printed boarding pass told me to go to Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion but, when I got there, security told me I had to go to Terminal 3. So, I hopped on the shuttle bus and went to Terminal 3 … Where the departures board told me I had to check-in at Terminal 1!
Those of you who know me will be aware that I like to get to places early and it was as well I did because the bus back to T1 seemed to take ages. But, eventually, it arrived and I got to check in with 25 minutes to spare after security checks. Guess what? We then had to get a shuttle bus BACK to T3 for the actual plane!
Never mind, all was good although, as ever, boarding was late and we got numerous announcements that if people didn’t take their seats quickly we would lose our slot and suffer a “lengthy delay of several hours due to industrial action in European airspace”
Apparently, that didn’t seem to bother a number of black-suited gentlemen with big hats and ringlets who happily blocked the aisles whilst they stowed bags which, I’m sure, were too big for the overhead lockers! The cabin crew were going mental and shouting (almost politely) at them to get a move on and there was an audible sigh of relief when, with less than 2 minutes to spare, the plane taxied to the runway.
I’ve never flown before and had made the mistake of pre-ordering the in-flight meal.
Chicken Piquante was duly served. Now, I don’t speak French, but I have to assume that ‘piquant’ translates as “formless, tasteless lump of unappetising, reconstituted protein”.
Still, the flight was on time, it wasn’t raining when I got back, and there were birthday presents and cards to open when I got home 🙂
Will I fly Jet2 again? Probably – but I’ll not have expectations next time!