Oh me of little faith

So, an early morning trip to the Church of the Resurrection (or the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – depending upon your tradition) and I wondered how many of the group would meet me in Reception at 6:30 to explore the church before it got too crowded… I should have known better – all but 1 were ready and waiting!

A short walk down deserted streets, shops still shuttered and early enough for the streets to still be wet from the overnight cleaning brought us to the Holy Sepulchre. There weren’t too many others there – but enough to mean we had to queue to visit the tomb itself – which is, for me, an entirely underwhelming experience!

As more pilgrims arrived we headed back to our hotel for a shower and breakfast. The early morning is the only time a pilgrim has any chance of experiencing even an iota of spirituality at the Church. For most of the day it is just a scrum so I was pleased that so many took the opportunity to join me. Why did I ever doubt that they would?

Now, off to the via Dolorosa…



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