Galilee – not quite yet

An early start as we left the Knight’s Palace to head to Tiberias – with a couple of stops en route.

People in Israel drive a bit like they walk – no eye contact and if they see a space; they go for it and assume that everyone else will give way. Fortunately, they usually do!

Traffic through Tel Aviv was slow. At times it made the M25 seem free flowing but we made it to Haifa in time to visit Stella Maris/Elijah’s Cave before lunch. It may well have been here that Elijah discerned the voice of God I’m a gentle breeze but, when your sharing the venue with 3 coachloads of pilgrims, we were unable to!

And so on to Nazareth and the Basilica of the Annunciation. A beautiful church which I feel I shouldn’t like because of the ‘bling’ but I do.

Apart from being overcharged for lunch (I didn’t argue as I wanted to get to the Basilica with enough time for us to explore) Nazareth was well worth the stop.

And so to Tiberias – and the first disappointment of the trip. Maybe we were spoiled by the Knight’s Palace but our hotel here is not up to what we hoped. The pool was green, the place was generally dirty and looked like it had been shut for a while. Still, we’re only here for a night so we’ll cope.

Down to the lakeside to celebrate Sam Aspinall’s 25th birthday – made all the more wonderful with the news that, on her absence, her church had unanimously agreed to support her call to the Ministry if Word and Sacrament. Maybe it’s appropriate that she got that news in the place where Jesus exercised his ministry ….

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