Galilee … and beyond

We got over our disappointments of the hotel in Tiberias and headed north 15 kilometres or so for our first visit of the day – the Mount of Beatitudes. A beautiful church, if small, and we seemed to time our arrival perfectly to avoid all the coaches and had the church almost to ourselves. This was true of our next two visits as well; to Tabgha (Church of the Multiplication) and Mensa Christi (Peter’s Primacy)

One of the photos below shows our very own Simon Peters by the statue commemorating when Jesus named Simon: Peter. Unfortunately, our Simon Peter(s) steadfastly refuses to “feed our sheep” just because we haven’t got any sheep! Pedantic, or what? We also had time for a paddle in the Sea if Galilee…

Two of our group, who shall remain nameless (though their initials are Stewart Cutler and Gerry Goodfellow) are in strict competition to see how many points they can accrue on FourSquare. So far Stewart has checked in at “Jesus’ House” (Nazareth) and “Jesus’ best mate’s house” (Capernaum) 🙂

Capernaum holds a special place in my heart as it was here that I had my ‘Holy Land epiphany’ in 1997

We left Galilee after lunch (and a visit to the baptismal site on the River Jordan) and headed to our hotel in Jericho where the sumptuous accommodation and fantastic pool banished all memories of the Arbel Hotel in Tiberias.

An early start tomorrow as we head for Masala and, as the sites we will visit are archeological, not religious, we can wear shorts – praise The Lord indeed!


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