Amazing, Fantastic, Incredible, Awe-inspiring

These are just some of the adjectives used by young people in the group to describe one of today’s activities.

Unfortunately, it related to our 3 hours at the Dead Sea Spa at Ein Gedi, not the 2 hours at Masada or the visit to Qumran (where the Essenes wrote the Dead Sea scrolls) but, as leaders, Stewart, Avril and I will take any encouragement and positive feedback we can get!

The morning started early, VERY early, as we set off to Masada (site of Herod’s palace and the Jewish Zealots’ last stand) to try and avoid the heat which we knew would come. 2 hours at the top of a mountain in 43 degree heat certainly took its toll and we were glad to get back to the air-conditioned minibus. Masada is always both hot and inspiring in equal measure and we felt the group deserved a relaxing float in the surreal waters if the Dead Sea before heading on to Qumran which, if anything was even hotter!

Heading to Bethlehem (our final destination before heading home on Thursday) we passed, on our left, the Inn of the Good Samaritan. However, heading in the wrong direction up the dual carriageway, all we could do was “pass by on the other side” (copyright: S Cutler)

And, now we are in Bethlehem – tired but full after a splendid tea – and ready to start again tomorrow after breakfast at a far more civilised 8:30 🙂


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