History: ancient, modern and future

I love new technology … but, for the most part, I’m useless with it. By the time I’ve gotten to grips with my new phone, my contract id up for renewal and there are other, shinier models available.

I’m reminded of the bloke that goes into a computer shop and says “I have money to spend on the latest, best computer you have. I don’t want anything obsolete, mind” … to which the salesman replies, “Sir, if it’s in stock, it’s already obsolete.”

I’m not as good at keeping this blog up to date as I ought to be, either!

Recently, I’ve been spending a bit of time looking at the blogs that other people have written and wondering why mine isn’t as professional looking (or even as interesting looking!) as many of them. The blog used for the recent FURY Assembly is a case in point. Clear, easy to navigate … unlike mine which was all just one long post!

Well in the song, Ringo reminds us that we can do with a little help from our friends and, since it was with his encouragement that I set up this blog in the first place, I had a gentle word with my friend and colleague Stewart Cutler (actually, I sent him a message on Twitter – how socially networked am I?)

Stewart being Stewart he responded almost immediately to say he’d be happy to help and so I sent him an email outlining my frustrations to which he replied (again; almost immediately).

Following his advice, I’ve done a bit of a tidy up … yes, I know there’s still things to do (sub-categories and a more aesthetically pleasing scheme spring to mind) but I need to Shype (oh, yes, I’m on a roll!) with Stewart about them and, like all the CYDOs (Children and Youth Work Development Officers) he’s a busy chap.

So, until we can have that chat, I’d be grateful if you could have a quick look around and tell me if you think I’m moving in the right direction

Take it away, Ringo …

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