A High Priority?

June 4, 2011

Most churches, when I visit, tell me that youth and children’s work is extremely important, and they would like nothing more than to have loads more children and young people in the church on Sundays and during the week. Youth and Children’s Work is a top priority.

Many Junior Church staff tell me that, having worked voluntarily for many years, they’re ready to take a break but, if they do, the Junior Church will close because there’s no-one to take over from them. And it’s not just Junioor Church staff, it’s Pilots Officers, Uniformed Organisation leaders and voluntary youth leaders, too.

Surely, if work with children and young people is such a high priority, volunteers would be forthcoming to fill the roles vacated by the good and faithful servants as they take a rest? And, if those volunteers are not forthcoming, then maybe the church should re-assess what its priorities really are …

Can we work out where a church’s priorities lie in purely monetary terms?

I received an advert yesterday for a church in Geneva which has 2 posts currently being advertised:

1.  A Youth Minister – 25hours per week, payment CHF 20,000 per annum

2.  A Director of Music -20 hours per week, payment CHF 34,000 per annum

I wonder where THEIR priorities lie?