Guitars for Palestine

Regular readers of my blog (yes, both of you) will be aware of the initiative started by some friendly strangers on the AcousticLife forum on which I lurk to enable me to buy a couple.of guitars for the Jerusalem Arc children and youth camps.

With their donated money in my wallet, I walked up Jaffa St (guitar shop closed) and into Ben Yehuda St to its intersection with King George St to the second shop I had been told about.

Through the security barriers and down the stairs led me to my destination. With my 2 (non-guitarist) colleagues looking on, I then played every acoustic they had (apart from the Martins which were a teeny bit above my budget!)

Eventually, I settled on a Washburn D10S as the “main” guitar and a lovely, but cheap, Cort AD880. These will be added to at camp by a cheap, but not very nasty, nylon string guitar in blue (!)

Then the bargaining begins. The two guitars alone use up my budget but I want gig bags, spare strings, plectrums (plectri?), capos… well I ended up with all of those plus a joyo tuner and a string winder 🙂 I even got a free set up on the Washburn to lower the action a bit.

To be fair, the guitars picked themselves but it took an hour or so because the shop was air-conditioned and, outside, it was 32 degrees!

I hope my friends in the forum are happy with my choices…

Oh, and then we went to Papa Andrea’s for lunch 🙂


3 Responses to Guitars for Palestine

  1. Leo Roberts says:

    I don’t think you can see the motif on the straps … I’ll add a pic before levering them off with some scissors!

  2. Excellent Leo, and good choices too. I bought a Washburn D10 for my brother in law a couple of years ago and always thought it was a handsome and capable guitar.

    Now comes the important stuff – teaching!

  3. Keith Chesterton says:

    Good stuff Leo – I’m sure you’ve made good choices!

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