A couple of events…

September 20, 2013

Some of you may be interested in  these events, most will not but, hey ho!

Both are taking place at Luther King House, Brighton Grove, Manchester

Fresh Expressions Day Workshop:
New ways of being church?
Saturday 28th September 2013 
10.00 – 4.00 pm  

·         Are you wanting to explore new ways of worship and mission?
·         Are you involved in a new expression of church?

This workshop, led by Linda Rayner, the Fresh  Expressions co-ordinator for the United Reformed Church, will look at what we understand by fresh expressions and include creative and practical ideas, as well as lots of real-life examples.

Cost £20 including teas and coffees.  You may bring your own lunch, or buy a meal (approximately £5) in our dining room.

Fliers and a booking form for this event can be found on our website:  click here
or contact the registry office:  Phone: 0161 249 2504    Email: learning@lkh.co.uk

Sam Sharpe Lecture:

As part of the open learning programme at Luther King House, in October The Northern Baptist Learning Community will be hosting the second Annual Sam Sharpe Lecture.  This will be at 18.30 on October 1st.  The speaker will be Dr. Neville Callam, General Secretary of the Baptist World Alliance.  The lecture is entitled Deconstructing The Notion Of Race.  For full details please follow the link below.


Please note that because we are expecting more numbers than usual and because there will be food after the lecture, you are asked to book in.
To book, please contact Glyn Chatterton:  g.chatterton@northern.org.uk  0161 249 2546.

A Year and a Bit …

September 12, 2013

A year and a bit further on from the publication of the Independent Panel’s report on the Hillsborough Disaster and what has happened?

Not a lot.

“But what about the investigation promised by Home Secretary Theresa May?” I hear you cry. Well, the team has spent 12 months being assembled and moving into new premises so it hasn’t actually had time to do anything apparently.


“What? not even easy stuff like strip Norman Bettison of his Knighthood?” Nope, not even that. Despite all the evidence that he has consistently misled the investigations, that he was more interested in preserving his reputation than finding out the truth and that, had he not resigned, he would most likely have faced disciplinary charges leading to dismissal, nothing has been done.


Anne Williams has died. She died not having the truth about her son acknowledged, but believing that this was all coming to an end. Thank God she isn’t alive to see the authorities dragging their feet once again.

But they need to be reminded – we will not give up.