Christmas Charity Gifts – a rant

December 24, 2014

Over the last few years I* have provided a goat for a family in Kenya, books and pens for a classroom in Malawi, chickens for a family in rural India and a provided funding towards training a vet in Mozambique. Apparently.

I know this because I have received Christmas cards telling me that I have done so and, as such, I should feel extra good about myself and full of the spirit of Christmas.

The thing is, of course, I didn’t. So I don’t.

Somebody else did. So presumably they do.

Obviously I have no problem with people donating to charity – and they are all worthy causes but when I choose to donate to charity, I’d like to choose what charity I support.

These AREN’T Christmas presents, at least not to me – they are a way of giving yourself a present by pretending you’ve given a present to me.

By all means carry on donating to your chosen charity – but not on my behalf. I’d rather have socks.

Thank you.

*somebody else