The Bible and Young People

March 5, 2009

This weekend I’m working with a group of young people from Longsight in Bolton. It’s a residential weekend up in the Lake District at the Tarn Centre ( The venue is really good – earthy and well appointed – if a bit basic but we’ve been there for the last 2 years and didn’t see a reason to change. This year is a follow-on from the 2008 residential which looked at the Bible. I’m lucky that the URC has produced the Vision4Life materials ( many of which I’ll be using. I was quite pleased that, after last year, the group wanted to look more deeply at some of the Bible stuff – last year was a bit of a rampage through the whole book, just helping them to find their way around it, really. This year we’re going to be looking more in depth at some specific issues and trying to link them back to their own lives/churches today.

I have seen a real interest in the Bible by young people – they are always amazed at how much there is in it – and how relevant it can be if they just look behind the historical headlines. Obviously, there needs to be sensitivity in the way we deal with the subject – we have people who think (some even believe) that the Bible is a literal account of everything – and some who think it was all just made up to subdue people to the will of The Church. I guess the truth is somewhere in between that …